About Urban Wood Rescue

Urban Wood Rescue is the youngest program of the non-profit Sacramento Tree Foundation. For almost four decades, the Tree Foundation has been dedicated to creating and sustaining a healthy urban forest in Sacramento through tree planting, education, and community programs. We began to see that at their end of life, trees were being sent to the landfill. Not only did this end seem to diminish the value and beauty these trees had given to the urban landscape, it also meant that as they decomposed, the carbon sequestration they so beautifully provided was reversed.

Fortunately, we found that there were other people in the community who were also interested in keeping the wood from our beautiful trees out of the landfill - so partnerships were formed and Urban Wood Rescue was born.

We mill logs onsite and are thrilled to have a vacuum kiln and dehumidifier on site to dry our milled lumber. We believe that extending the value and benefits of our trees by turning their wood into lumber helps build a healthy, sustainable future for the lumber industry and for our local artisans.

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