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We sell live edge slabs (in a variety of sizes) and dimensional lumber on site at the Urban Wood Rescue lumber yard. Come visit us to see our current selection!



We carry a wide variety of species, representative of the beautiful trees that make up our urban forest. 

Ash Elm English Walnut
 Eucalyptus Oak Redwood
 Sycamore (London Plane) Tulip Poplar Zelkova


Softwood pricing ranges from $1.50-8 per board foot. 

Hardwood pricing ranges from $4-18 per board foot. 

All pricing subject to change. Please note that we do not have all species available all of the time. What we have available depends on which logs we receive as well as our milling and drying schedules.  


Our lumber is sold by the board foot. One board foot is 144 cubic inches (for example, 1"x12"x12" or 2"x6"x12" or 4"x4"x9"). Don't know how many board feet you need? Use this board foot calculator to figure it out!


Board Foot Calculator

The best way to see what we have in stock is to come visit our yard! We are located inside Depot Park at 6045 Midway St. in Sacramento and are currently open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 9-5 and Sundays from 10-4.


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